from the bunker

recent project

the bunker is currently showing of 2 films by Dodo Dayao, Memories of Places I’ve Never Been (55 min; from 2009) and Zero (4 min; from 2010)

In Memories, the film follows a young woman with a video camera as she records parts of an unnamed municipality in the Philippines: a backwoods, a country road, a church, the interior of a building in disuse, the things inside someone’s abandoned room, office or workshop.  Slow and almost devoid of speech, this piece is a thoughtful and poignant meditation on memory, it’s elusiveness, and even treachery. Dodo describes his film as  “an ambient quasi-narrative on love and time and death and memory and on how sometimes the act of remembering can both be the ultimate act of creation and of rescue.” 

Zero is short, poignant, open-ended. It is a statement on achieving maximum affect and presence with its temporal and elemental economy. It is also about hauntings -hauntings which multitask as ballast/burden/beauty to a film. It also speaks of residue - the traces that linger in our memory when we watch, experience or encounter something that gives us too little information for closure, but more than enough to be haunted after that moment has passed.  On his film Dodo wrote: “Whenever I’m asked what Zero is exactly, I tell them it’s a ghost story. Also, a love story. And how they really are the same thing.”

The viewing room is located in the art space and studio collective in Newark, NJ called Solo(s) Project House, which also has a current project called “4 Weeks - 4 Projects.” Please join us for this as well.  

For more details about Dodo’s work, click here.